Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin

Help for crime victims

If you become victim of a crime, this is very bad and you sometimes feel helpless and left alone.

But only a few know that you are not so alone at all, that there are places of refuge and contact points which offer advisory, company and protection.

Besides that moral support it’s sometimes also possible to apply for financial support.

In most cases the advice is even free of charge and can be done confidentially if requested.


Here you find some addresses and contact information:



(nationwide working relief organization for crime victims and there families)

phone for victims 116 006 (7 – 22 Uhr)

Landesbüro Berlin

regional office: 030-833 70 60


Opfer-Hilfe Berlin e.V.

Helpdesk Oldenburger Str. 38, 10551 Berlin-Moabit

030 / 395 28 67


ReachOut Berlin

Helpdesk for victims of right-wing extremist, racist or anti-Semitic violence in Berlin

Oranienstraße 159

10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

030/ 695 68 339


Compensation for victims of right-wing extremist violation and compensation for victims of terrorist attacks

Bundesamt für Justiz

Referat III 2 – Opferentschädigung –

53094 Bonn

Tel.: 0228/99410 – 40


Wildwasser e.V.

Women’s self-help and counselling for victims of rape and sexual harassment

Friesenstr. 6

10965 Berlin




Girl’s emergency service

Bornemannstraße 12

13357 Berlin

Tel. 030/210 03 990

Fax. 030/210 03 991