Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin

Street College – Weekend GangwayBeatz and My Style Lady´s in Baitz (GangwayBaitz)


With all of the new talent in 2015 plus all of the artists who have been part of the project throughout the years we needed to sort out a few things before starting the 4th edition of our „GangwayBeatz“ project. Who is going to be part of the 4th compilation, when will be go into production, when is the final product going to be finished…? In order to figure these things out (as well as recording a track, producing a music video, photoshootings etc.) we, together with the Kreuzberg fashion project „My Style“ ventured out to a youth hostel in Baitz, Brandenburg in order to spend a weekend together. Pictures speak louder than words, thus we are going to let them speak for our weekend together. We will update about coming developments („My Style“ label launch, GangwayBeatz 4) right here as things fall into place!