Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin

BronxBerlinConnection 2015

Die BronxBerlinConnection geht wieder los…die Jugenddelegation aus NYC kommt am 22 Mai 2015 in Berlin an. Wir werden Shows und Workshops rocken und dabei die Stadt kennen lernen.Wir freuen uns auf eine tolle Zeit und ihr seit herzlich eingeladen an allen VA teilzunehmen. Um zu wissen was, wann und wie passiert bitte immer mal wieder hier reingucken, auf twitter @gangwaybeatzrep folgen oder GangwayBeatz auf FB liken….

**** Eröffnungsveranstaltung am 23 Mai 2015, Humboldthain Club, Hochstr. 46, Berlin – Wedding ****
**** HIER DIE FOTOS **** des „BronxBerlinConnection jump off“ !!

Die BronxBerlinConnection wird vom HipHop ReEducation Projekt, Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband und der Amerikanischen Botschaft – Berlin gefördert.

The BronxBerlonConnection is about to jump off once again….the youth delegation from NYC is scheduled to arrive in Berlin on May 22 2015. We will be rocking shows and workshops and we´ll get to know the city and its people…More on the itinerary when we get started…

For now we´d just like to invite everyone to our opening event on May 23 2015 @ Humboldthain Club, Hochstr. 46, Berlin – Wedding.

We are looking forward to an exciting time and each and everyone of you is invited to hang out with us at all of our events. To find out what´s happening you can check in here from time to time, follow @gangwaybeatzrep on twitter or like gangwaybeatz on FB….

**** INK DEEP SPECIAL am 28.05.2015Such an emotional rollercoaster….only today…first a creative writing session at the youth detention facilty Plötzsensee and right afterwards a visit with and a performance at the U.S. Embassy Berlin….it´s been tremendous and both Fabian Farbeon Saucedo and i look ahead a bit sad, a bit worried…the bronxberlinconnection has been around since 2008 and it has become a transnational bridge…already traveled by some 140 young people from both cities and though we couldn´t be any happier with everything we have been able to achieve we don´t know what the feature will bring…at this point i will be putting all of my energy into bringing one more BronxBerlin group from Berlin to NYC next year and then the programm may not be continued….and trust me that is a very hard thing to say…..we have to find sustainable ways to facilitate this programm because we work with the „unaffiliated“, those who may not be part of a University but those who are out there…some of them all on their own…and i do realize that programms have to be analyzed in terms of what works and what doesn´t but with this, that process might take a little longer, it has the potential to break chains, change lifes, there have to be opportunities for those who live in the shaddows out there, those who may not be able to afford to travel or even go to school, those who haven´t been able to hold down a job previously because everyone has the potential to change, to shine, to succeed in this world….experiences like international travel and friendship have the ability to change perspectives for the long term…and not only for the travelers themselves but their circle of friends because if they can achieve why not also them? We need exchange/study abroad opportunties for our constituents, those who have earned it…not through academical achievement but by applying themsleves, some after having made mistakes for sure but so what?…..thanks to the @Goethe Institut The Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, The Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, to one super nice individual without whose contribution none of the last few years would have been happening and all those who have contributed to The Hip Hop ReEd crowd funding campaign, special shout out to the U.S. Embassy Berlin for saving this years trip and making it all possible in 2015…for your support and courage for contributing to our initiative, on behalf of of all of the young people who have been part of this thing we say….THANK YOU! 

„BronxBerlinConnection INK DEEP SPECIAL“ !!

The BronxBerlinConnection is funded by The Hip Hop ReEducation Project, The Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband and the American Embassy – Berlin.