Gangway e.V. Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin welcomes the initiative Transparent Civil Society (ITZ) and supports them in their efforts to increase transparency in nonprofit organizations.

The disclosure of the objectives, of the sources and uses of funds and of the decision-relevant personal names in charitable organizations is a step in terms of transparency.

Because there is no disclosure requirement for charities in Germany, we believe the publication of ten basic points compiled by the ITZ on a voluntary basis is an important and correct step. Below you will find the information about Gangway e.V. from 2011, which should be published as part of the pledge of ITZ:

1. Name, location, address and year of foundation

  • Name: Gangway eV – Streetwork.
  • Office: Schumannstr. 5, 10117 Berlin and other team offices in the districts
  • Established: 1990
  • Contact: Office, Regional Offices


2. Statutes and documents that provide information on specific targets and target achievement (as vision, mission, values, eligibility criteria)

Statutes as amended on 23.08.2010: here

Summary: here

Basic information on street work: here

Quality development and assurance in the street work: here


3. Date of the most recent notification from the tax office over the recognition as a tax-deferred (non-profit) corporationAfter the last notice of exemption from the tax office for corporations I, Berlin (tax number 27/666/51894) received by us on 16/11/2010, Gangway e.V. is exempted from trade tax and corporation tax according to § 5 para 1 no 9 KStG and in accordance with § 3 no 6 of GewStG, because Gangway e.V. serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 ff. AO.


4. Name and title of the principal decision-makers

Board: Hanna Biamino (Chairman), Thomas Mücke, Katrin Fleischer, Anne Lersch, Kirstin Fussan

Management: Elvira Berndt


5. Report on the activities of our organization

Annual Reports: here

Project Reports and Team Reports:


6. Personnel structure

Gangway e.V. employs between 70 and 80 full-time employees (partly project-based employee), several honorary employees and punctually volunteers. The full-time street workers mainly work in mixed-sex teams (45% female, 55% male) of up to 3 people. Depending on the district and cultural background of the addressees the teams are also organized cross-culturally (approximately 20%). In the central office of Gangway e.V., the following persons are working: 1 Managing Director, 2 Professional Instructors, 2 Accountants / Controllers and 2 Administrators.


7. Source of funds

See Annual Report 2015, p. 52/53: here

The listing in the annual report covers the largest part of the funds, not covered are diverse micro and mini projects.

Total: approximately € 4.400.000,00


8. Use of funds

In 2015 Gangway had a total expenditure of approximately € 4.400.000,00

This was spent on:

Personnel and payroll-related costs – about 75%

Material costs – about 25%

The use of material resources proportionately focuses on the following priorities:

  • Third-party services, fees, allowances etc: about 29%
  • Room rentals, operating and other occupancy costs: about 15%
  • Insurances and other contributions: about 2%
  • Procurement: 10%
  • Vehicle costs: about 7%
  • Activities with young people: 16%
  • Other Operating Expenses: about 21%

Find the profit and loss account from 2014 here.


9. Corporate Law Relationships with third parties



10. Names of legal persons whose annual allowances account for over ten percent of our total annual revenue.

See Annual Report 2015, p. 52/53: here


Transparency Database of Senatsverwaltung für Finanzen (State Ministry of Finance)


2014 | Sachbericht Gangway e. V.
2014 | Sachbericht Gangway e. V.
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