How to become a Streetworker at Gangway? What do we expect from our future colleagues? How is the process of employment working?

Those are questions we are asked frequently. So here, for all those who are interested, are some answers.

We always accept unsolicited applications because from time to time there are vacancies in the several teams which then look for suitable colleagues. At first, those teams screen the applications and have information interviews with people who seem to fit in the team profile. Not till then follows the formal job interview which includes the team, the management and the staff association. Even if this seems to be a long way up to a possible employment, that collective process pays. Because a functioning team, where everybody can rely on his/her colleagues, is the most important thing in the everyday job reality.

If you want to apply as a Streetworker at Gangway, you should have an appropriate degree from a university or a professional school. In addition you should have experiences in social (youth) work.

Furthermore, to work as a Streetworker you need a high level of psychological and physical stress resilience, the ability to be self-responsible as well as a team player, flexibility, commitment and, not at least, a whole lot of humour.

If you bring all this with you and you wish to work in a highly interesting field of social work, you can send us an application or contact us via email or phone. Just ask whether there’s a job vacancy or if there will be one soon.